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Expediters International Ltd was established in 1984, as a multi modal transport and procurement company specialized in finding creative export solutions for Kenyan manufacturers. It has performed many diverse and challenging delivery contracts to most countries on the African continent either by sea, air or road.

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We endeavor to provide our clientele with a personalized, safe and secure delivery option enhancing your competitive market edge.

S.S.R.A.P –Vehicle Procurement and delivery to South Sudan & Juba.
Appointed shippers and consultants for Central Glass Industries to date have delivered in excess of 1.5 billion bottles to all parts of Africa. Relocated the Buhemba Dar Tadine Gold mining camp in Tanzania.
Chairman appointed by USAID as consultant to oversee and rationalize services for Shipping and Customs services and thereafter to the US Embassy and UNICEF in a similar capacity.
Appointed transporter for export of BATA products
Awarded a two years Beer Transportation tender with Uganda Breweries Ltd Ex-KBL to Port Bell.
Care Kenya- Clearing and Transportation of 2700 Tons of Relief food to Ethiopia –UNHCR procurement and food delivery to Northern Uganda and S. Sudan. Relocated 67000 S.Sudan refugees into Northern Uganda. Pioneered Operation Lifeline Food Delivery Bridge to South Sudan. CMC nominated as the export vehicle delivery partners.
Supervised and Transported 30 Truckload of materials for Canada Wheat Project in Tanzania. Export shippers for Slumberland. Export deliveries for Firestone Kenya.
LWF & GTZ Assisted in the repatriation of the returning refugees to Rwanda
Awarded Transport contract with Unilever Kenya to deliver their products to various destinations i.e. Ethiopia, Zambia, Malawi, Uganda and Zimbabwe. Appointed transporters by Tetrapak and English Press.


Uganda Breweries Ltd
Kenya Breweries Ltd
Tetra Pak Ltd
Bata Shoe Company Ltd

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Uganda Breweries Ltd Uganda Breweries Ltd


To enhance our clients’ business by providing a competitive edge to their export efforts and the ability to innovatively deliver to remote markets.


To be the most efficient and safety conscious road transport service provider in East Africa.


To create, develop and provide personalized, safe and reliable transport services to our esteemed customers enabling them to meet their supply goals and targets within reasonable timelines.